Elīna Garanča has been honored with the BEE GOOD Award.

The mezzo-soprano announced the prize on social media stating, “I feel extremely honored and excited to be awarded the BEE GOOD Award 2022 and lend my voice to the environmental and social project ‘BioBienenApfel’ and the ’We for Earth’ movement. It is important to me, and I want to teach my children that we cannot go on without nature. Humans are only a part of this world, we must live in harmony with nature and realize that we cannot only take.”

The BEE GOOD Award is presented each year by WE FOR EARTH in cooperation with the BEESANDAPPLE project. It is given to well-known people who campaign for and are deeply committed to a healthier, fairer, and more sustainable world making them ambassadors for bees.

The award is a social project for bees in Europe, which aims at developing new habitats to accommodate up to 1 billion bees within the next few years.