Zwischen den Welten: Mein Weg auf die großen Opernbühnen

On February 21, Ecowin releases a new edition of Elīna Garanča’s memoirs, Zwischen den Welten: Mein Weg auf die großen Opernbühnen for audiences in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

In the book, Elīna writes about her personal life and her extraordinary career, describing her great successes in the world’s leading opera houses and examining the difficult balance of the personal and professional. As one of the world’s most sought-after performers, she is constantly traveling and performing across the globe. This entertaining memoir details the thrills challenges of an opera singer’s life, from learning a new role to being the mother of two small children.

This edition of the book is completely revised and updated, with 50 new pages detailing Elīna’s experiences since the publication of Wirklich wichtig sind die Schuhe in 2013.

Wirklich wichtig sind die Schuhe

The little blonde girl on the grandparents’ Latvian farm harvesting sugar beet. The energetic young woman who goes to parties and knows for sure: she wants to get to the top. The aspiring singer who struggles laboriously from octave to octave. The loving mother who leaves for the next opera performance with her daughter and nanny in the minibus. And the radiant mezzo-soprano who is celebrated in the greatest concert halls of the world. All of this is Elina Garanca.

In her first book, the star mezzo-soprano talks about her life between the worlds: between East and West, roots and wings, child and career, talent and self-discipline, art and life.